Al Beatty was a man from Boca Raton, FL. He was married to a woman named Lucille Beatty, and he was a chronic cheater, making Rose think that his wife was his sister. He and Rose began a short relationship. After spending the night together, Al was found by Sophia the next morning, deceased in Rose's bed of an apparent heart attack. After Rose discovered that his sister was really his wife, she went to her and broke the news about Al.

Cause of Death Edit

An autopsy performed on Al showed that his arteries were completely clogged. His wife explained that despite the fact that he was a runner, his diet was terrible - he NEVER ate a vegetable, he lived on fatty foods, and even ate meat for dessert! His death was imminent, no matter who he would have spent the night with.

Personality Edit

Al was a chronic cheater who liked to have relationships with multiple women. His infidelity was known to his wife since their honeymoon to the point where she had simply accepted it as his normal personality.

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