My mother always used to say: 'The older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana.'
Rose Nylund

Alma Lindstrom (nee Gurkleknurbleigenhostetlerfrau) is the biological mother of Lily Lindstrom, Holly Lindstrom, and Michael Lindstrom, as well as the adoptive mother of Rose Nylund. She was portrayed by Jeanette Nolan for one episode.

Biography Edit

Alma Lindstrom was born as Alma Gurkeknurbleigenhostetlerfrau (the last name was shortened later as most of the family was in show business) in St. Olaf, Minnesota.

She later married Gunter Lindstrom and they had eight biological children including Holly Lindstrom, Lily Lindstrom and Michael Lindstrom. They also had adopted daughter Rose Nylund.

Alma visited the girls in the episode Blanche and the Younger Man, and didn't like how Rose was being overprotective of her. Later in the series, Rose would mention her mother as if she had died, however she could have been referring to her as Ingrid Kerklavoner. She was described as being prim and proper.

Gallery Edit

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