And Then There Was One was the 16th episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 41st overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes, and written by Russell Marcus, the episode premiered on NBC-TV on January 31, 1987.


Miami is having a charity Walk-A-Thon and Rose has volunteered the girls and the house to be a drop off centre for the competitors children. At the end of the day they are left with a small baby, they talk through the night at the possibility that she might be abandoned and what would hapeen if they kept the baby. Meanwhile Sophia has athletic aspirations as she aims for the Wheaties box. 

Scene excerpts Edit

  • Dorothy: Rose, honey... have you been washing the fruit off before you eat it?
  • Sophia: You know, I've just realised the best reason of all to enter this walkathon.
  • Dorothy:What's that Ma?
  • Sophia:[referring to Rose] I get away from this ditz for a whole day.
  • Dorothy: Ma, are you sure about this? 
  • Sophia: I'm not even sure I have these pants on right.

  • Bob Henderson: Here's a list of Norman's likes and dislikes.

(He hands the list to Rose, who looks it over.)

  • Rose: These are only dislikes.
  • Bob Henderson: Yeah, that's my Norman. And fortunately, for today, he's your Norman.

  • Blanche: (about the marathon) That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Maybe we should volunteer.
  • Rose: We already did.
  • Dorothy: What did you say?
  • Rose: (recoils) ...I said we already did...
  • Dorothy: Rose, I work all week. The last thing I want to do is walk 15 miles on a Saturday.
  • Rose: We won't be walking. We're gonna sit.
  • Blanche: Ooh, now that sounds fine, I like sitting.
  • Sophia: We know, it's your second-favorite position.

Episode NotesEdit

  • Nat Bernstein, Emily's father in this episode, also appeared in the preceding episode, "Before and After," as Rose's doctor.
  • Ray Combs, who played the part of Bob Henderson in this episode, was the "warm-up" comedian for this series and the sitcom Amen. He was best-known as the host of the second revival of the game show Family Feud from 1988-1994. Sadly, Combs committed suicide in 1996.
  • This episode ranked #10 in the Nielsen Ratings for that particular week in which it was first aired.

Guest starringEdit

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