Arnie Peterson was a fictional character featured on the popular 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls who appeared in the Season 1 episode "Rose the Prude".

About Arnie Edit

He is from Plainfield, New Jersey and has been married to his wife Molly for 34 years, until she died. After she died, he described himself as a zombie. His daughter confronts him and he ultimately grew out of it.

In 1985, Blanche Devereaux needed a friend for a double date with Jeffrey and his brother Arnie. It didn't work out between Blanche and Jeffrey, though, whilst Arnie and Rose hit it off.

After a few dates, Rose confesses about her nervousness when Arnie invites her to a trip to the Bahamas. Rose goes on the trip, and on the first night, as the two were about to turn in, Rose says she's not tired. Arnie turns on a radio he was going to give to his grandson and plays Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade and two danced. Rose then tells him how much he reminds her of Charlie. Arnies tells him that he's not Charlie, and tells her that if she likes him, she should like him for who he is, not who he reminds her of. Rose tells him that he likes him, and Arnies tells her the same. The two passionately kiss, but afraid it would ultimately lead to sex, Rose runs to the bathroom and locks herself.

The next morning, Rose, who has been crying all night, comes out after Arnie asked her to come out. The two shared about their intimacies and about how they felt about their spouses. After a while, Rose lets her fears to rest and asks him to hold her.

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