Augustine "Augie" Bagatelli was a fictional character featured on the popular 1980s situation comedy The Golden Girls. He was portrayed by Ralph Manza for 1 episode.

About Augustine Edit

1910s Edit

Augustine was Sophia Petrillo's first love and fiancee. They were briefly engaged, but then Augustine went off to war and the two never saw each other again.

1985 Edit

In 1985, he sent a telegram to Sophia saying that he'll be visiting. The two rekindle their old romance, and Augustine asks her to come back to Sicily with him for a while. Sophia asks Dorothy for permission, but Dorothy refuses to give her permission but ultimately lets her do whatever she wants. Sophia, however, who does not have the money, doesn't have to choice to be independent. When the Nielsen twins (Sonya and Olga) got back together for the bowling tournament, Dorothy Zbornak and Blanche Devereaux became partners, leaving Rose Nylund by herself. Sophia, who wanted to show that she was independent, partnered off with Rose.

Sophia and Dorothy made a bet: If Sophia wins and Dorothy loses, Dorothy will let her fly to Sicily and pay for it. If Dorothy wins and Sophia loses, Sophia will give her antique silver earrings that she never let Dorothy borrowed.

Augustine came into the bowling alley to see if Sophia has won. He then goes on to say to Sophia that Dorothy is a good player, and he must've gotten it from her mother. Sophia asks Augustine how he knew she was a good bowler, and Augustine answers that she was good at playing bocce ball and they played together one afternoon long ago, after the grape harvest, and the two remembers how later that day the two had their first kiss. Dorothy sees the two in love and doesn't want to break her mother's heart, so she purposely flops her turn and loses.

During their visit to Sicily, Augustine and Sophia looked for their friend Teresa Defino in Palermo. When the two reached her house, they found out that she had died earlier that day.

Augustine was portrayed by Ralph Manza.

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