Aurora Devereux was conceived by artificial insemination. She is the granddaughter of Blanche Devereaux and the daughter of Blanche's daughter, Rebecca Devereaux.

Birth Edit

Aurora was conceived by IVF which Blanche was unhappy about due to her old fashion ideas about parents, however she understood Rebecca had her own life. She was born on 22nd of September with Blanche at her side.

Life Edit

Aurora seem to be a typical baby, she clearly was the delight of Rebecca, with Blanche she would babysit her as long as it didn't intrude on her personal life.

However during Even Grandmas Get the Blues, Aurora became the victim of Blanche's games, Blanche was babysitting Aurora when she was going for an audition because Becky had a job interview. During the audition a man asked Blanche out for a date and believed that Blanche was the Mother, since that was a boost to Blanche's ego and so she made sure that Aurora was with her every date. However Becky remarked on the bond Blanche had with her Granddaughter made Blanche admit the truth to her date. To make matters worse the man said that if she had admitted the truth, he wouldn't of cared but he dumps her only for Becky to leave angry that Aurora was being exploited by someone she thought loved her. However Becky reconsidered with Blanche when Sophia talked about how it's a bond that should never be misused.

Aurora was never seen after this episode but Becky did appear in The Golden Palace.