Bedtime Story was the 17th episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 42nd overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes, and written by Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman, the episode premiered on NBC-TV on February 7, 1987.


Trying to decide on sleeping arrangements for visiting relatives, the ladies conjure up recollections of places where they have previously slept.


As the girls figure out how they plan to accommodate some upcoming guests, they recall other unusual sleeping arrangements they've had to endure in the past.

Scene excerpts Edit


(Dorothy has just told the story of how Sophia had fallen asleep in her bed whilst nursing her through Bronchitis)

  • Sophia: I wasn't asleep. I was just resting my eyes so you'd leave me alone. I used to do that with your father. It only worked about half of the time. Asleep, awake - didn't matter to him!
  • Dorothy: Please, Ma. You slept like a baby. I know becasues I spent the whole night awake in that chair.
  • Blanche: Well, it couldn't be any worse than trying to sleep on a hard wooden bench in the middle of a railway station!
  • Sophia: Boy, you do it any place, don't you, Blanche?
  • Rose: Blanche is talking about coming home from Edna McCarthy's funeral.
  • Sophia: Edna McCarthy is dead? Oh my God, that's terrible. I just sent her a chain letter. There's a dollar I'll never see!

  • Rose: Why don't we wait outside on the platform? The train will be along in a few minutes.
  • Stationmaster: The 9:15 to Miami left at 8:45.
  • Rose: You have a town seal? Can he play a song on those little horns?
  • Blanche: This is like a Twilight Zone... somehow we got on a that ended up inside Rose's mind.
  • Dorothy: Yeah, uh, when is the next train to Miami?
  • Stationmaster: Well, we've got one scheduled to leave at 6 AM tomorrow morning.
  • Rose: Does that mean it'll actually leave at 5:30?
  • Stationmaster: Welcome to Appalappichobee!

[Dorothy, Blanche and Rose are stranded overnight at a railway station]

  • Dorothy: I don't believe this. I mean this has to be the most depressing day of my life. First Edna McCarthy's funeral now this.
  • Blanche: Y' know, being at her funeral today made me start thinking about how quiclky life can pass you by. Maybe I oughta do something more adventurous in my life.
  • Dorothy: More adventurous! The Kama Sutra had to publish a supplement because of you!
  • Blanche: I'm not talking about men. I'm talking about things I've always wanted to do but never got around to trying. Dorothy, didn't you have something you wanted to do? Some kind of secret desire you always kept on the back burner?
  • Dorothy: Mm-hm. I awlays wanted to try a nudist camp.
  • Stationmaster:[overhearing] Some big pots belong on the back burner.
  • Dorothy: (to stationmaster] Uh, don't you have a cousin you should be dating?



On the first flashback when all four are in the same bed, Blanche says she needs to be on the right side. Rose says she needs to be on the left. On the next flashback where Rose and Blanche are in Blanche's bed, Blanche, without complaint goes to the left side of the bed and Rose without complaint goes on the right side of the bed.

Guest starringEdit

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