Before and After was the 15th episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 40th overall series episode. Directed by Terry Hughes, and written by Bob Rosenfarb, the episode premiered on NBC-TV on January 24, 1987.


After Rose has a near death experience she drastically alters her lifestyle which causes conflict between the girls, this results in Rose moving out into an apartment where she finds that it's not everyday you find best friends. 

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Quotes from script
  • Dorothy:...ever since she [Rose]took that death trip she's been a different person.
  • Blanche:Well that's no excuse, Shirley MacLaine died five or six times and she's just sweet as pie.
  • Blanche: [Abot Rose's recent behavior] I am abhorred!
  • Sophia: We know what you are, Blanche, I'm glad to hear you finally admitting it.
  • Blanche: Sophia, I said abhorred.
  • Sophia: A whore, a slut, a tramp - they're all the same.
  • Dorothy: So what do you want to do tonight?
  • Blanche: I guess we could be constructive and clean our closets.
  • Dorothy: We could go to the movies?
  • Rose: [Appears from nowhere] We could do what we normally do, talk dirty and pig out.

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