Big Daddy's Little Lady is the sixth episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls TV series, also the 31st overall series episode. Directed by David Steinberg and written by Russell Marcus, it premiered on NBC-TV on November 15, 1986.


Blanche gets a visit from her father who has yet another secret to tell his daughter. We learn he is engaged to get married. Blanche's excitement ends fairly quickly when we see the one he has chosen is far younger than Blanche. Initially thinking that Margaret Spencer is a golddigger, Blanche urges Big Daddy to call of the wedding. Big Daddy storms off shortly after. Later, Blanche speaks to Big Daddy and finds out that Margaret is a widower and the two connected and really love each other. Blanche apologizes and gives Big Daddy and Margaret her blessing.

Meanwhile, Rose tells Dorothy of her intention to enter a song writing contest about Miami. Dorothy with poetry writing experience and Rose with experience writing music decide to team up and enter. Later, they end up as runners up. They return home, disappointed, where they perform the song for Blanche and Sophia.

Guest CastEdit


Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak: [singing] Miami is nice, so I'll say it twice. Miami is nice! Miami is nice! Miami is nice! Wait a minute, you put in an extra "Miami is nice". The lyrics don't make any sense. It goes "Miami is nice, so I'll say it *twice*."
Rose Nylund: Well what about this: "Miami is nice, so I'll say it thrice!"
Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak: Who the hell says "thrice"?
Rose Nylund: It's a word!
Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak: So is intrauterine, it doesn't belong in a song!

Rose Nylund: [singing] Miami, you're cuter than an intrauterine!
Golden Girls - Miami Song01:38

Golden Girls - Miami Song


  • When Blanche asks Dorothy and Rose to perform the song "Miami", a microphone can be seen above her.


  • Murray Hamilton died before he could reprise the role of Big Daddy, and was replaced by David Wayne.
  • Despite Rose Nylund being a piano player, Betty White never played and didn't know how.

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