Never realised just what a selfish jerk Blanche was until now. I used to watch this show religeously when I was a teenager even though they were all old woman, and I always knew Blanche was man-hungery and vain about her age, but forgot how mean she really was. I just watched an episode as a middle-aged person, and felt bad for poor Dorothy, who ouldn't move and was sick, but Blanche, ignoring her cries of help, insisted they go on a double date. I mean, she cares more about getting her uterus fed by male lust than helping her sick freind. How mean of her. If I were in her place, I'd cancel the double dates to help heal my sick freind. I hate Blanche. I know this is just acting, they are not real, but Blanche makes me so mad, I could just punch her in the nose. Blanche never loved anyone, but herself.

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