Couch Potato Al was a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Rose's Big Adventure". The part of Al the couch potato is played in the episode by George Coe.

Rose and Al

Couch potato Al with Rose in scene from the episode "Rose's Big Adventure" in Season 3.

About AlEdit

Rose tries to light a fire under her newly retired boyfriend Al, who has become somewhat of a couch potato, as Rose can't seem to get him to do anything; when she suggests that they go out dancing, all that Al wants to do is stay at home and watch TV with her. But, one thing that he has always had the dream of doing, but never had the time to do was to sail around the world; Rose, who has her reservations of going along with him when he decides to pursue his lifelong world cruise dream, must mull over the offer.

When Rose decides to accepts Al's offer, the two meet on a yacht, where he admits that he gets seasick, thus nixing his offer!

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