Dominic Bosco is a character who appears in the Season 4 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Foreign Exchange". The part of Dominic is played by veteran actor Vito Scotti, who also appeared in the Season 3 episode "Rose's Big Adventure" as Vincenzo.

About DominicEdit

The Boscos are longtime friends of Sophia and Sal Petrillo's from Sicily who visit she and Dorothy in Miami. In the episode "Foreign Exchange", Dominic's wife, Philomena, claimed that Dorothy was really her daughter and not Sophia's. Dorothy wondered whether she was really the biological daughter of the Petrillos, since Dominic and Philomena Bosco claimed that the hospital switched babies.

When everyone is asleep, Dorothy sleeps with Sophia in her bed to accommodate the visiting Dominic and Philomena, Dorothy, upset at the whole prospect that the Boscos may actually be her biologiacal parents, longs to hear comforting words from Sophia, who is sound asleep, as she reminisces about the time when she comforted her when she was a child at times when she had nightmares; in a funny scene, Dominic, claiming that Dorothy is his child, then storms in the room to see what was wrong with his "little bambina"! In the end, Dorothy refuses to know the truth about who her biological parents truly are, admitting Sophia and Sal raised her and will always be her real parents.

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