Dorothy's Prized Pupil was the 21st episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 46th overall episode of the series. Directed by Terry Hughes and written by Christopher Lloyd, it premiered on NBC-TV, originally airing on March 14, 1987.


One of Dorothy's favorite students turns out to be an illegal alien.


One of Dorothy's students writes a prize-winning essay on what it means to be an American. After this, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services reveals that the boy is in this country illegally.

Guest Stars Edit

Scene excerpts Edit

Quotes from scenes
  • Sophia: My laundry's more fun, Rose, you ever see panties from the 20s? They've got pockets on 'em.

  • Rose: What kind of a movie is this, Dorothy?
  • Man in theatre: Rip his throat out!
  • Dorothy: It's a musical, Rose!

  • Blanche: [watching the movie] I want to get a better look at this guy.
  • Dorothy: He's in a loin cloth, covered in oil, what more is there to see?
  • Blanche: I don't know but I'm going to move down to the front row and find out.

  • Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy: : Surprise!
  • Sophia: [coming in] Louder next time, my heart's still beating!
  • Rose: We thought you were Mario.
  • Sophia: You'll have to yell louder than that to kill him.

  • Rose: The president's married to Nancy Davis now.
  • Sophia: From "All About Eve"?
  • Rose: That was Bette Davis.
  • Sophia: The one who beat her children with wire hangers?
  • Rose: That was Joan Crawford.
  • Sophia: The fat cop from "Highway Patrol"?
  • Rose: That was Broderick Crawford.
  • Sophia: The president was married to Broderick Crawford?

  • Dorothy: [talking to Mario on a movie theatre] You know, a lot of people come to America to start a new life. You're looking at one. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Came to America, started a new career, married a Kennedy. Right now, he's tearing off a man's arm and hitting him with it.

  • Dorothy: [watching the movie] WHOA! Sorry Mario. I never realized that ripping a man's nose off his face would leave a hole that big.

  • Dorothy: I read somewhere that in America, you always felt that you were among friends.
  • Mario: That was just a story.
  • Dorothy: I think it's a true story.

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