Elizabeth Ann "Big Momma" Hollingsworth (née Bennett) or otherwise known as Samantha Hollingsworth or Samantha Roquet, is Blanche's late mother, who makes an appearance in the Season 3 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Mother's Day". The part of "Big Momma" is played in the episode by veteran character actress Helen Kleeb.

Blanche receives her middle name from her mother. Dorothy notes in the episode about tearing down Blanche's grandmother's house that Blanche's initials spell "bed" -- Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Elizabeth Ann was born Elizabeth Ann Bennett, to Granddaddy Bennett and Grandmama Bennett, in 1895 in Augusta or Shreveport.

At one point of her life, she met Curtis "Big Daddy" Hollingsworth, got married, and had five children; Theodore "Tad" Hunter Hollingsworth, Charmaine Gertrude Hollingsworth, Blanche Elizabeth Marie Devereaux, Clayton "Clay" Louis Hollingsworth and Virginia Lena Warren. She suffered from Alzheimer's disease, yet always strived to be the most proper Southern lady.

She was affectionately referred to as "Big Momma."

Gallery Edit

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