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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Three of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 3 premiere, titled "A Flaw Is Born", first aired on September 22, 1990, with the season's finale episode, "The Way We Are" airing on May 11, 1991, with a total of 24 episodes aired.

Season 3: 1990–1991Edit

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
47 1 "A Flaw Is Born" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers September 22, 1990

Special Guest Stars: Brynn Thayer as Dr. Lydia Gant, Stanley Kamel as Monsieur Gerard, Tim Dunigan as John Taylor, Charles Stransky as Professor, Mitchell Allen as Boy

48 2 "Harry's Excellent Adventure" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen September 29, 1990
Fed up with endless demands on his free time by the girls, Charley, and his golfing buddies, Harry decides to shirk his responsibility to join a globe-trotting friend and run with the bulls in Pamplona. Then he discovers his spontaneous friend's lifestyle has a price: he hasn't heard from his kids in years.

Special Guest Stars: Earl Holliman as Mike Bradovitch, Earl Boen as Lou, Debi A. Monahan as Gina, Robert Lesser as Russell, Billy Cohen as Stevie, Fred Sadoff as Mort

49 3 "There's No Accounting" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Gary Jacobs October 6, 1988
Go figure: Barbara's new beau is sensitive and intelligent, but she is as unappreciative of his charms as Carol is drawn to them; and Harry's great new beau Leah bores him.

Special Guest Stars: John Terlesky as Bucky Barnes, Janet Carroll as Leah, Allison Mack as Gloria

50 4 "Barbara the Mom" Steve Zuckerman Susan Jacobs & Harold Kimmel October 13, 1990
Barbara hopes to gauge her maternal instincts via a babysitting assignment for her boyfriend's young children, but fears she has no ability to bond with them; Carol volunteers at the zoo, but is humiliated when the giant pandas will only mate when she is present; Charley decides to write his autobiography; and Laverne is offended when Harry is reluctant to let her give him a flu shot.

Special Guest Stars: Christopher Castle as Larry, Sumer Stamper as Annette

51 5 "The Tortoise & The Harry" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Roger Garrett October 20, 1990
Harry befriends a patient whose depression he can't seem to cure; Barbara tries her hand at taking Carol's art class.

Special Guest Stars: Brandon Bluhm as Joey, Debra Mooney as Mrs. Bierman, Jaclyn Berstein as Amanda

52 6 "Mad About the Boy" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 27, 1990
Harry grows concerned about Carol's dating despair when she brings home a mall cheese server.

Special Guest Stars: Michael McKean as Dennis, Mary Catherine Wright as Miss Bingham, Robert Lesser as Russell, Gregory Paul Martin as Ian

53 7 "Honey, I Shrunk Laverne" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Miriam Trogdon November 3, 1990
Laverne quits when Harry complains she's making too many office decisions without consulting him.

Special Guest Stars: Nana Visitor as Dr. Dawn Phleps, Mary Pat Gleason as Nurse Bradford, Art Metrano as Art, John Apicella as John, Ed Call as Ed

54 8 "The Boy Next Door" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Ron LaZebnik November 10, 1990
During a moment of mutual weakness, Carol and Charley have sex, and prepare to face the consequences.

Special Guest Stars: Candy Hutson as Cindy, Gloria Dorson as Mrs. Hill, Ashley Bank as Kid #1, Michael Melby as Kid #2

55 9 "A Family Affair" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers November 17, 1990
Harry's instincts tell him Barbara's new boyfriend is married; Dreyfuss goes on a diet, but everyone in the family helps him cheat on it.

Special Guest Stars: Mitchell Lawrence as Scott, Cecilia Riddett as Mother

56 10 "Someone to Watch Over Me" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Sidney A. Blake and Bill Braunstein November 24,1990
Charley wants visitors during a hospital stay; a neighbor accuses Dreyfuss of fathering his dog's puppies.

Special Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Patrick, Eddie Bracken as Fred, Dena Dietrich as Ursula, Robert Gorman as Norma, Brandon Adams as Georgie, Marti Muller as Nurse, Susan Krebs as Norman's Mom

57 11 "Harry Knows Best" Steve Zuckerman Susah Harris & David Sacks December 8, 1990
Everyone seeks Harry's advice, including Charley, contemplating a new career as a gigolo, and a girl wanting rhinoplasty.

Special Guest Stars: Mayim Bialik as Laurie, Judith Marie Bergen as Paula, Kat Sawyer-Young as Woman, Stan Roth as Photographer

58 12 "Whenever I Feel Afraid" Steve Zuckerman Susan Jacobs & Harold Kimmel December 15, 1990
Laverne is fearful after a mugging; Barbra and Carol compete for the attentions of handsome new neighbor Billy.

Special Guest Stars: Timothy Carhart as Billy, Aaron Lustig as Officer Hitner, Ben Ryan Ganger as Jimmy, Jay Goldenberg as Attendant, Robert Gould as Customer

59 13 "A Shot in the Dark" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Roger Garrett January 5, 1991
Barbara mistakes Carol's new boyfriend for a burglar, and shoots him in the leg; Laverne must overcome stage fright.

Special Guest Stars: Paul Sand as Avery, Channing Chase as Emcee

60 14 "Sucking Up Is Hard to Do" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty January 19, 1991
Carol advises Barbara to put on a flattering act to help achieve a promotion; Laverne plays matchmaker.

Special Guest Stars: Rebecca Bush as Anne, Patricia Gaul as Mrs. Moses, Paul Eiding as Hartman, Judy Baldwin as Michelle, May Quigley as Woman, Shuko Akune as Secretary, Whitby Hertford as Timmy

 61  15 "The Man That Got Away" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Susan Beavers & Doug Smart January 26, 1991
Barbara tries to get a man she likes to ask her out; Laverne has to cast the deciding vote on a hometown issue.

Special Guest Stars: Craig Bierko as Fred, Jeff Doucette as Sam

62 16 "The Mentor" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogan February 2, 1991

Special Guest Stars: Danny Thomas as Dr. Leo Brewster, Harvey Jason as Dr. Wakefield, Elise Ogden as Mrs. Lasko

63 17 "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Gary Jacobs February 9, 1991
When the girls decide it's time to move out, they and Harry individually pour their hearts out to Dreyfuss.

Special Guest Stars: Tina Johnson as Mrs. Knox, John Christian Graas as Timmy

64 18 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Rob LaZebnik February 16, 1991
Harry dates a pretty 28-year-old; in a quasi-war movie parody, drill sergeant Laverne shapes up a nurse trainee.

Special Guest Stars: Phil Hartman as Tim Cornell, Tracy Dolis as Paige, Kenneth Kimmins as Pete, Valorie Armstrong as Gayle, Lance Davis as Waiter, Jaclyn Bernstein as Nancy

65 19 "All About Harry" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Meredith Siler March 9, 1991
Harry is dating Laura, a gardening columnist who hates gardening but is afraid to try "real" writing. He encourages her to try a new column about men and women, but becomes uncomfortable when she begins writing about their dates. Meanwhile, Charley has volunteered for medical experiments on a sexual potency drug, which renders him impotent and forces him to search for new meaning in his life.

Special Guest Star: Christine Ebersole as Laura

66 20 "Drive, He Said" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Sacks March 16, 1991
Depressed because his date cancelled on his birthday, Charley takes Harry searching for an old girlfriend, while the girls try to keep a restless crowd from leaving the surprise party, whose centerpiece is Carol's "famous Bastille in potato salad."

Special Guest Stars: Eric Allan Kramer as Apartment Manager, Micole Mercurio as Salesperson, Kenneth Danziger as Airline Clerk, Robert Gould as Party Guest, Don Sparks as Party Guest

67 21 "The Last Temptation of LaverneSteve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Pat Dougherty & Harold Kimmel March 23, 1991
Laverne's aunt Retha will lend a house down payment if Laverne, though innocent, assumes blame for a car accident.

Special Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Aunt Retha, Henry Jones as Arnold, David Correia as Fire Marshall, Elise Ogden as Mrs. Lasko

68 22 "What's Eating You?" Robert Berlinger Susan Harris, Sidney A. Blake & Bill Braunstein April 13, 1991
Harry and Carol counsel Barbara that the best way to cure her pre-ulcerous condition is to be open with her true feelings.

Special Guest Stars: Michael Goldfinger as Tony, Richard McKenzie as Davidson, Lynne Marie Stewart as Secretary

69 23 "The Cruise" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen May 4, 1991
On a cruise, Harry and Barbara have great times, and Carol gets a proposal from - and loses - her Mr. Right.

Special Guest Stars: Richard Burgi as Matthew Wright, Peggy Pope as Myrna, Pearl Shear as Charlotte, Teresa Ganzel as Simba Katzman, David Jay Willis as M.C.

70 24 "The Way We Are" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Paul B. Price, & Laura O'Hare May 11, 1991
Harry looks forward to a visit with a childhood sweetheart, until his childhood rival Eric also resurfaces.

Special Guest Stars: Shirley Jones as Jean McDowell, Ed Winter as Eric Lancaster, Christopher Pettiet as Litty Harry, Robin Lynn Heath as Little Jean, Tom Henschel as Bartender, Cory Danziger as Little Eric

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