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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Five of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 5 premiere, titled "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?", first aired on September 19, 1992, with the season's finale episode, "Surprise! Surprise!" airing on May 20, 1993, with a total of 26 episodes aired.

Season 5 (1992-1993)Edit

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
95 1 "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" Dinah Manoff Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler September 19, 1992
When Charley reveals that he's received a death threat from a female passenger he dumped, Barbara agrees to check up on him after work, and they discover mutual interests, including the Three Stooges. Next morning Charley confesses to Harry that he's smitten. Meanwhile, Harry tries to coax a rich young patient out of his fear of dogs by letting him bond with Dreyfuss - and the kid assumes he can just buy Dreyfuss.

Special Guest Stars: Tom Sharp as Mr. Logan, Rider Strong as Philip Logan, Rhonda Aldrich as Jane

96 2 "Take My Garage, Please" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris, Lawrence J. Cohen & Fred Freeman September 26, 1992
Carol and sprinkler repairman Patrick set up house in Harry's garage.

Special note: Paul Provenza joins the regular cast as Patrick.

97 3 "R.N. on the Rebound" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 3, 1992
Freshly divorced Laverne is spending all her time at the Westons' and refusing to date, so Harry has Barbara fix her up on a blind date with coroner's assistant Gibby, whom Laverne immediately declares is the love of her life. Meanwhile, Patrick unveils his new sculpture "Nostalgia" which does nothing for Carol; but Charley likes it and becomes Patrick's art-gallery-hopping new buddy.

Special Guest Stars: David Gianopoulos Gibby, Matt McKenzie as Man, Brady Bluhm as Matt

98 4 "...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Roger Garrett October 10, 1992
Harry risks a friendship when he objects to Arthur's sudden wedding plans with a younger woman he has only known a week; Barbara arrests Carol after a civil disturbance at an environmental protest against a plastic manufacturer.

Special Guest Stars: Jerry Orbach as Arthur, Charlotte Booker as Karen, Cynthia Szigiti as Diana, Gregory Itzin as Judge Russell

99 5 "The Boomerang Affair" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Richardson October 17, 1992
Inexplicably dumped by businesswoman Sonya, Harry tries to win her back with romantic gestures - so she proposes to him; Laverne tries to conceal an ulcer.

Special Guest Stars: Diana Muldaur as Sonya Phillips, Eric Allan Kramer as Sven, Paul B. Price as Levant

100 6 "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Wendy Braff October 24, 1992
Hoping to impress a potential boyfriend, Carol tries to prove her community-mindedness by hiring a recently paroled con - and is taken shameless advantage of by him.

Special Guest Stars: Perry Anzilotti as Mark Dossler, Tony Longo as Jake Carlson, Joshua Boyd as Steven, Richard Fancy as Congressman, Wendee Cole as Reporter #1, Charles Champion as Reporter #2

101 7 "It's Not Easy Being Green" James Widdoes Steven Sullivan & Ursula ziegler October 31, 1992
Harry agrees to help Laverne hand out candy at her apartment on Halloween night.

Special Guest Stars: Garvey Vernon as Virgil, Shannon Cochran as Stacy, Jeremiah Birkett as Ruffian #1, Tim Griffin as Ruffian #2, Doren Fein as Brittany, Brady Bluhm as Little Boy, Zachary Benjamin as Little Kid, Nathan Witt as Caveboy, Stacy Chess as Little Girl, Elise Ogden as Judge, Richard Tanner as Man

102 8 "Dirty Harry" Renny Temple Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty November 7, 1992
Carol persuades Harry to appear with her on Geraldo in a program about father-daughter conflict; a young patient is desperate to increase his height in order to accompany his friends on an amusement park roller coaster.

Special Guest Stars: Geraldo Rivera as Himself, Danny Breen as Roger Maxwell, Christian Cousins as Larry Larson, Kimble Jemison as Scott, Michelle Watkins as Mrs. Larson

103 9 "Timing Is Everything" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & S& Sheryl Holliday November 14, 1992
Harry is ready to rekindle a romance with an ex.

Special Guest Stars: Katherine Cannon sd Laura, James Duane Polk as Delivery Man

104 10 "Thanksgiving at the Westons" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogan November 21, 1992
Laverne is reluctant to accept Harry's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner - and flashbacks to the previous such dinner show why.

Special Guest Stars: Debi Monhan as Jody, Kristen Amber as Coreen, Jacqueline Alexandra as Twin

105 11 "The Body Beautiful" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Tim Kelleher December 5, 1992
Running a routine medical, Harry uncovers steroid abuse by a football player whose father was a pro; Barbara takes Patrick's use of a nude model as an indication that she is too fat to interest him any more; Laverne is put in charge of fire drills.

Special Guest Stars: Kevin Scannell as Pete Stanley, Matt Levin as Pauley Stanley, Hector Elias as Inspector Lopez, Kevin Michaels as Jerome, Trish Ramish as Tracy

106 12 "Overboard" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Paul B. Price December 12, 1992
A storm strands cruise passenger Charley adrift in a raft and he returns a different man. Carol and Patrick have a chance to work together, but she becomes jealous when he gets the job and she doesn't.
107 13 "Emily" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris January 2, 1993
When Emily returns from college, Carol decides to take her little sister under her wing, so to speak, and sets her up on a blind date with Patrick's friend. Meanwhile, Emily's rich boyfriend, whom she doesn't want to see anymore, doesn't want their relationship to be over.
108 14 "The Sting" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay January 9, 1993
The FBI wants Emily to help them bag her bookie boyfriend, who is suspected of being in on a major jewel heist; Charley will lose his job if he doesn't pass a CPR course - administered by Laverne.

Special Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Clifford McGraw, Dena Dietrich as Aunt Helen, Steven Flynn as Zack Hennessey, Sam Zapp as Floyd, Joseph Cousins as Little Boy ], Stan Roth [ Customer ]

109 15 "The Fracas in Vegas" Steve Zuckerman Susah Harris & David Richardson January 23, 1993
Worn out from filling in for another doctor on weekends, Harry is overjoyed when Charley offers to take him to Las Vegas on tickets he won to attend the boxing event "Fracas in Vegas," but the trip turns out to be anything but relaxing: the direct flight takes twelve hours, they are stuck in a dumpy motel, and Charley picks up two women who give them mickeys and steal their money, and when they finally make it to the fight it lasts all of five seconds before a knockout. Meanwhile, Emily accuses Carol of getting old and intolerant when she refuses to let Emily's college friends crash on their living room floor.

Special Guest Stars: Frances Bay as Agnes, Richard Stahl as Bellman, Michael Warwick as Bill, Leah Lail as Melissa, Jimmy Lennon Jr. as Ring Announcer, Katy Bret as Woman, Joshua Boyd as Steven

110 16 "Pardon My Flashback" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty January 30, 1993
While gathered around the TV for the Super Bowl, the gang reflects on some of the times they have shared.

Special Guest Stars: Lisa Rieffel as Emily

111 17 "Dog Day Afternoon" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Roger Garrett February 6, 1993
A small investment in a mall makes Laverne especially bossy.

Special Guest Stars: Debra Jo Rupp sd Dr. Simmons, Sid Melton as Man, Richard Reicheg as Security Guard, Richard Karron as Representative

112 18 "More to Love" Steve Zuckerman Harold Kimmel, Steven Sullivan, Ursula Ziegler and Ross Abrash February 13, 1993
Emily is dating Carol's old school friend Danny, who compulsively jokes about his weight problem; Laverne is spending all her spare time on the phone gossiping with other nurses, but is aghast when another nurse accidentally hears her and Harry together in the supply closet and alerts the grapevine.

Special Guest Stars: Bob Amaral as Danny, April Ortiz as Florence, Lisa Gorlitsky as Theresa, Robert Lesser as Dr. Perry Smith, Ellia English as Jennifer]], Richard Tanner as Eddie

113 19 "My Dad, My Doctor" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Wendy Braff February 20, 1993
Emily tears a ligament in her knee and requires surgery, but wants to trust a friend's doctor who recommends an exercise regime rather than the surgeon Harry recommends. Patrick goes camping to get in touch with his muse, but Charley stows away in the trunk and they wind up in a biker bar.

Special Guest Stars: Robert Curtis-Brown as Dr. Dave Floey, Anita Barone as Cara, Michael Heintzman as Mr. McKeever, Taylor Fry as Little Girl, Don Gibb as Biker #1, James Cardriche as Biker #2, Bill Reid as Biker #3, Jack Haley as Himself

114 20 "Love and Marriage" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty February 27, 1993
Carol is upset when her cousin Little Carol visits to announce she has dropped out of college to marry a boy named Acid; scofflaw Charley is sentenced to community work at the hospital, and winds up delivering a baby.

Special Guest Stars: David Rasche as Jack Trenton, Raye Birk as Judge Talmadge, Holly Fields as Little Carol, Candy Milo as Mrs. Ortiz, Teresa Ganzel as Sharon , Winston Rocha as Jorge, Jon Patrick Walker as "Acid"

115 21 "The All-Americcan Boy - Not!" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay March 20, 1993
Volunteering at a free clinic, Harry meets a shoplifting street kid and takes him home. Then the boy disappears, together with all Harry's furniture; and Harry search desperately because his tests indicate the boy is an untreated diabetic in considerable medical danger.

Special Guest Stars: Adam LaVorgna sd Rudy, David Correia as Arturo, Richard Gant as Sgt. Fletcher, Eric Christmas as [[Mr. Garrison, Liz Torres as Madame LePard, Adam Blumenfeld as Storekeeper, Michael French]] as Man

116 22 "Two For The Road" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & David Richardson April 10, 1993
Patrick and Emily are driving back from New York together, and Harry, home with the flu, must bear the brunt of Carol's mounting certainty that something will happen between them on the road. In fact, they are stopped by a cop who is attracted to Emily - and a patrolman much more interested in Patrick.

Special Guest Stars: Casey Sander as Patrolman, Vincent Ventresca as Cop

117 23 "Aunt Verne Knows Best" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler May 1, 1993
Laverne's nephew Wade, arriving to attend college on a wrestling scholarship, is driven crazy by his overbearing aunt and seeks Harry's advice. Meanwhile, Carol is convinced that her relationship with Patrick won't make it past her usual six-month expiry date with men.

Special Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Wade, Art Metrano as Elevator Repairman, Renee Humphrey as Kerry

118 24 "My Mother, My Self" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler May 8, 1993
Charley's recently divorced mother eyes Harry.

Special Guest Star: Marian Mercer as Ursula Dietz

119 25 "Charley to the Rescue" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Ron LaZebnik May 15, 1993
Emily gets a job as cocktail waitress aboard Charley's cruise ship, and is harassed by the obnoxious comedian entertainer; Laverne sets Harry up on a date with her best friend.

Special Guest Stars: Barbara Mandrell as Ellen, Tom Gallop as Alan Hardy, Fred Holliday as Club Host

120 26 "Surprise! Surprise!" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Arnie Kogen May 20, 1993
It's Harry's birthday, and he overhears Charley planning a surprise party. Flashbacks detail his long relationships with Laverne, Carol and Barbara, and the women he has dated. Then he discovers Charley's party is for someone else.

Note: The various guests seen in flashbacks are not credited.

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