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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Six of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 6 premiere, titled "When The Rooster Dies", first aired on September 25, 1993, with the season's finale episode, "Best Friends" airing on May 21, 1994, with a total of 26 episodes aired.

Season 6 (1993-1994)Edit

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
121 1 "When The Rooster Dies" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay September 25, 1993
Big changes: Harry decides to sell his practice and retire, leaving a devastated Laverne behind; and Sophia moves back into Shady Pines. Before leaving for a European vacation, Harry must decide if the hospital's inner-city clinic should continue to receive funding; and despite his support of the need for increased funding, the Board decides to close it down. Harry decides to help Dr. Maxine Douglas keep the Clinic open as a private business; and Laverne, having been fired by Harry's replacement, gets the job as nurse.

Special Guest Stars: Michael McGuire as Dr. Marty Fitzgerald, April Grace as Irene, the Clinic receptionist, Rudy Salazar as Pregnant Woman, Barbara Lux as Street Woman

122 2 "Bye, Bye Baby...Hello (Part I)" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 2, 1993
Carol wants Patrick to grow up and demands that he go for a job interview; when he turns down the job, she throws him out - then discovers she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Maxine gives Laverne the okay to come up with ideas for a new system for the clinic - one that drives everyone crazy.

Special Guest Stars: Brian Reddy as Mr. Vogle, S. Marc Jordan as Mr. McCully, Kimberly Newberry as Female Patient, Ryan MacDonald as Mr. Jensen, Jake Price as Delivery Boy, Russ Fega as Arm Man, Julie Stein as Miss Hidalgo

123 3 "Bye, Bye Baby...Hello (Part II)" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Pat Dougherty October 9, 1993
Carol can't decide whether to tell Patrick he is about to become a father. Charley proposes to Carol; Laverne discovers the situation but refuses to tell Maxine, who jumps to the conclusion that Harry has impregnated one of his patients.

Special Guest Stars: Stephanie Dunham as Diane, Courtney Peldon as Libby

124 4 "Mama Todd, The Sequel" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler October 16, 1993
Laverne has a problem: a fabulous new Australian boyfriend, and an ex-mother-in-law visiting - unaware that Laverne divorced her son over a year ago. Meanwhile, Carol struggles to find a godfather for her unborn child, and Charley wants to be chosen.

Special Guest Stars: Ann Guilbert as Mama Todd, Trevor Goddard as Joe

125 5 "Mom's The Word" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Regina Stewart October 23, 1993
Pregnant Carol frets after a successful date with a new man because she is afraid to tell him she's pregnant; Laverne and Maxine clash over plans for a surprise baby shower for Carol.

Special Guest Stars: Tony Carreiro as Mike, Stan Roth as Waiter, Debbie Gregory as Tracie

126 6 "Diary of a Mad Housewife" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Bob Tischler October 30, 1993
Worried because she feels no bond with her unborn child, Carol discovers her mother's diary and reads that her own conception was unplanned. The clinic staff are bothered by a mime who has an ulcer as a result of "mime-bashing" and an especially insistent hypochondriac - and Maxine feels she has failed as a doctor when Harry discovers the latter may have a malignant lump.

Special Guest Stars: Fred Stoller as Mr. Garrison, Marty Pollio as Kenny Finnegan, the mime

127 7 "Mother Dearest" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Paul B. Price November 6, 1993
Maxine's mother visits from New York and drives her crazy, especially when it's discovered her headaches are due to incipient glaucoma but she refuses to consider corrective surgery. Charley intercepts the lab results that reveal the sex of Carol's unborn child; and Harry and Casey MacAfee try to set time for a date.

Special Guest Stars:

128 8 "No Volunteers, Please" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Rick Newberger November 13, 1993
When the shy woman who brings Dreyfuss home turns out to be a waitress who used to serve Harry, he asks her to volunteer at the clinic; but Maxine worries that Doris has become too attached to Laverne - especially when she sends the nurse a dozen red roses. Meanwhile, Carol's jogging partner persuades her to apply for a pre-acceptance interview at a posh preschool; and Carol finds herself telling appalling lies about her family to impress the handsome interviewer.

Special Guest Stars: Kari Lizer as Doris, Peter Sands as Mr. Ellis, Mary Kane as Brenda

129 9 "Das Boob" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Denns Snee November 20, 1993
Harry and Charley get stranded at sea; Maxine refuses to face her fear of public speaking; Carol ponders possible names for her baby.

Special Guest Star: Marsha Warfield as Dr. Maxine Douglas

130 10 "The Girl Who Cried Baby" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Susan Beavers November 27, 1993
Harry and Maxine compete to sell charity opera tickets, and after a series of false labour alarms, Carol finally delivers her baby - during the performance of the opera.

Special Guest Stars: Jeanine Jackson as Rachelle, Jane Lynch as Tammy, David Cromwell as Dr. Rubenstein, Tom Nibley as Rachelle's Husband, J. David Krassner as Man

131 11 "Superbaby" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay December 11, 1993
While Harry tries not to be a boringly proud grandparent, Carol thinks her baby is unusually polite and neat - and fears the hospital gave her the wrong child.

Special Guest Stars: Richard McKenzie as Rudnick, Geraldine Leer as Mrs. Stanford, Mark L. Taylor as Mr. Stanford, Harvey Vernon as Bundy

132 12 "Read All About It" Dinah Manoff Susan Harris & Greg Phillips December 18, 1993
When Maxine breaks a tooth on the "lucky Brazil nut" in Laverne's brownies, Harry must fill in for her at a newspaper interview; but the reporter, a former sports writer, gets on with Harry so well that his story gives Harry all the credit for the clinic, infuriating Maxine and Laverne. Then another reporter comes to set the record straight by inter viewing Maxine, and Harry fears the worst - until the interview is printed and is full of praise for him. Laverne gets her revenge by giving an interview to a grade school paper. Meanwile, Charley takes Dreyfuss to the vet as a favor to Carol and falls for the attractive female veterinarian.

Special Guest Stars: Megan Gallagher as Dr. Heather Cook, Eric Christmas as Mr. Garrison, Robert Costanzo as Mr. Millard, Jeannie Elias as Jane Walsh, Kimberly Cullum as Kid

133 13 "Love a la Mode" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler January 8, 1994
Charley announces that he's going to marry Patty, his favorite waitress from the local pancake house.

Special Guest Star: Heidi swedberg as Patty Olsen, Marian Mercer as Ursula, Richard Stahl as Fred

134 14 "What's A Mother to Do?" Steve Zuckerman Cindy Chupack & Ellen Sanlder January 15, 1994
When Carol rejects all of Charley's gifts for baby Scotty because they might harm his development, Harry decides she needs perspective and suggests she join a mother-infant group. But the experience only convinces Carol that she's "the worst mother in the whole world" - especially when she manages to lock Scotty inside her car. Meanwhile, Laverne and Harry convince Maxine to get a long-overdue physical, and are concerned when upon getting the results she immediately asks for emergency leave.

Special Guest Stars: Lisa Darr as Laurie, Anna Gerger as Bella, Jack Kruschen as Heshy, Michael A. Nickles as Athlete, Rachel Fox as Mommy #1

135 15 "Gesundeit" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Dennis Snee January 22, 1994
When baby Scotty keeps sneezing, Carol fears he is allergic to dust, and hires "Studs with Suds" to clean the house from top to bottom [ while Sophia charges her friends to watch). Then it seems Scotty's allergy is to Dreyfuss, so a heartbroken Harry gives the dog to Charley. Meanwhile, Laverne becomes convinced the sealed second floor of the clinic is haunted by the ghosts of six murdered gangsters, and sets out to exorcise them with a takeaway Chinese meal.

Special Guest Stars: Bill Cobbs as Jerome, Irena Ward as Sandy, Jean Speegle Howard as Mildred, Gary Hudson as Drake

136 16 "Under the Gun" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris January 29, 1994
Harry worries about Oscar, a young patient who has developed an ulcer from being bullied at school; Laverne becomes obsessed with a scandal involving the mayor of her hometown; Sophia promises to introduce her to a famous anthropologist.

Special Guest Stars: John Reilly as Adam Blakely, Jonathan Carrasio as Oscar, Andrew Keegan as T.J.

137 17 "Brotherly Shove" Dinah Manoff Susan Harris & Drake Sather February 5, 1994
Charley quits his job and fears his successful younger brother's reaction, and winds up working at Dieter's used car lot - but when Charley lands a difficult sale, Dieter takes the credit.

Special Guest Stars: Peter Scolari as Dieter Dietz, Philip Baker Hall as Jerod, Maureen Arthur as Mrs. Carlton, Dennis Bailey as Salesman

138 18 "The Ballad of Shadey Pines" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Rick Newberger February 12, 1994
Laverne is missing work because of filling in on the night shift at Sophia's retirement home, Shady Pines - where Sophia and a Jewish friend have fallen in love. Now Laverene must explain what she was doing in the arms of Sophia's 80-year-old boyfriend Nathan.

Special Guest Stars: Bill Dana as Nathan, Elmarie Wendel as Vivian, Ruth Engel as Sylvia, Phil Leeds as Milt, Sid Melton as Horace, Jean Sincere as Eileen

139 19 "Hog Heaven" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Bob Tischler March 5, 1994
Harry is disturbed when Laverne's old motorcycle gang boyfriend turns up and starts dating her again; Carol tries to make a memory video for her baby son.

Special Guest Stars: Eric Allan Kramer as Sam, Don Gibb as Jake

140 20 "Charley's Millions" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Rick Newberger March 12, 1994
When a Belgian perfume tycoon leaves Charley a million in her will, the responsibility of his new wealth drives Charley crazy, so he assembles a group of those who have influenced his life and takes them on a Mardi Gras vacation in New Orleans - then reveals that he inherited a million Belgian francs and is now broke again. Laverne's beloved cat General Lee dies, and she replaces him with an iguana, until an irate neighbor produces a hideous kitten the spitting image of its father.

Special Guest Stars: Don Adams as Himself, Chuck McCann as Coach Biederbeck, Nita Talbot as Mrs. Koontz, Liz Sheridan as Mrs. Coover, Gera ldine Leer as Bonnie, Paul B. Price as Mr. Gurman

141 21 "Half That Jazz" Doug Smart Dennis Snee & Regina Stewart April 9, 1994
The man who comes to fix the phone turns out to be Harry's old jazz idol, whom he persuades to come out of retirement to play a benefit for the Clinic and who then develops total stage fright. Meanwhile, Sophia vows revenge on Charley for dumping her niece.

Special Guest Stars: Eydie Gorme as Heckler, Steve Lawrence as Sonny Baxter, Mike Larsen as Stage Manager

142 22 "A Foreign Affair" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay April 16, 1994
Maxine dates an African cultural attache who is intelligent, cultured and sexy, and who wants her to accompany him home as his wife, but whose cultural attitudes turn out not to be so enlightened; Sophia and Charley get Carol hooked on the dog races.

Special Guest Stars: J.A. Preston as Roland, Marlon Archey as Frederick, Aixa Clemente

143 23 "Lordy, Lordy, Landlordy" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Cody Farley April 23, 1994
After Laverne blows a fuse trying to get the clinic's landlord to fix the building's electricity, the staff is evicted; then they discover that their most persistently obnoxious and freeloading patient, Mr. Hackler, is actually the owner of the building. Sophia convinces Carol she needs to spend time away from baby Scottie, but she can't bring herself to leave him with the babysitter she hires.

Special Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Mr. Hackler, Debra Jo Rupp as Danielle, Patricia Coleman as Mrs. Griffin, Jill Pierce as Woman

144 24 "The Devil and Dr. Weston" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Kari Lizer May 7, 1994
Margaret Randall, a philanthropist who donated an X-ray machine to the clinic, makes no bones about her desire for Harry. Meanwhile, Carol helps a timid woman, Doris, come out of her shell.

Special Guest Stars: Audrey Meadows as Margaret Randall, Kari Lizer as Doris, Basil Langton as Edgar, Joy Claussen as Louise, John Petlock as George, Richard Tanner as Bartender

145 25 "Absence Makes the Nurse Grow Weirder" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler May 21, 1994
When Harry fills in temporarily for Dr. Tyler in his old practice, he hits it off when the attractive and funny nurse Denise; and Laverne becomes disturbed by her feeling of jealousy - particularly when Harry turns up in her dreams. Meanwhile, Charley needs glasses.

Special Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Denise, Paul Willson as Dr. Barshilon, Molly Snee as Shea, Brittany Smith as Shanna

146 26 "Best Friends" Doug Smart Bob Tischler & Paul B. Price May 21, 1994
Carol's childhood friend and Harry are mutually attracted; a Southern patient turns out to be in a blood feud with Laverne's family.

Special Guest Star: Morgan Fairchid as Zoe

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