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This page lists the episodes aired in Season Seven, the final season of the NBC-TV series Empty Nest. The the Season 6 premiere, titled "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About", first aired on September 24, 1994, with the series finale episode, "Rememberance of Clips Past" airing on June 17, 1995, with a total of 24 episodes aired during the season.

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Season 7: 1994–1995Edit

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
147 1 "Let;s Give Them Something to Talk About" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler September 24, 1994
Reporter Carol plans to meet the first lady when she visits the clinic.

Special Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor as Herself, Grant Gelt as Timmy, Ken Marshall as Agent #1, Kathe Mazur as Agent #2, Gary Pagett as Guard #1, Caston Holmes as Scotty, Elizabeth Sandifer as Sparkle, Alton Butler as Phil

148 2 "Mrs. Clinton Comes to Town" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Andrew Guerdat September 24, 1994
Reporter Carol plans to meet the first lady when she visits the clinic.

Special Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor as Herself, Ken Marshall as Agent #1, Gary Pagett as Guard #1

149 3 "Just for Laughs" Dinah Manoff Susan Harris & Paul B. Price October 1, 1994
Charley announces his new career: stand-up comic, and, following Harry's advice to base his comedy of personal experience, is a hit with an act that consists entirely of insulting Harry. Meanwhile, the Clinic's waiting room is full of people waiting for the bus after the bus shelter is moved; and Laverne is wearing herself out writing letters to Sally, a mentally unstable woman who thinks the Clinic is a post office

Special Guest Stars: Yeardley Smith sd Sally, Jon Menick as Man #1, Adrian Ricard as Woman #1, Chip Lowell as MC, Jonathan Bourne as Stage Manager, Bobcat Goldthwait as Himself

150 4 "A Chip Off the Old Charley" Doug Smart Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio October 8, 1994
Charley's delighted when he meets the son he never knew he had - a 17-year-old flautist; meanwhile, Carol temporarily replaces Laverne (who has been subpoenaed for a trial) and tries to put a damper on Maxine's smoking.

Special Guest Stars: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Raymond, Sid Melton as Mr. Parker

151 5 "The Woman Who Came to Dither" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Dennis Snee October 15, 1994
Harry's harried when Sophia moves in temporarily - and brings her retirement-home pals with her; meanwhile, at the clinic, Maxine can't stop second-guessing a new nurse.

Special Guest Stars: Kari Lizer as Doris, Ellen Albertini Dow as Mildred, Bibi Osterwald as Betty, David Brisbin as Lempke, John Apicella as Mr. Spaulding, Charles C. Stevenson Jr as Fred, Mark Davenport as Delivery Man, Aaron Heyman as Mr. McCully, Rodney Ka geyama as Mr. Kobara

 152  6 "Carol Gets a Raise" Doug Smart Susan Harris & Andrew Guerdat October 22, 1994
Carol wants career advancement in the worst possible way, which lands her in a compromising position with her boss; Maxine nervously lends a hand when Harry backs out of a speaking engagement at an elementary school.

Special Guest Stars: Todd Susman as Ben Braxton.Sheila Shaw as Mrs. Castillo, Nikki Tyler as Mother, Sydney DeBear as Leslie, Carl Glissmeyer as Billy

153 7 "The Courtship of Carol's Father" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler December 3, 1994
Carol is upset to hear that Harry's former girlfriend Nan is marrying his friend Leonard - mainly because Harry insists he isn't upset by it at all, and leaves Nan an answering machine message of hearty congratulations. When lounge singer Shelby can't afford the full-page ad she wants, Carol offers her it free if she'll agree to meet her father. To their mutual surprise, Harry and Shelby do hit it off; then Nan arrives to tell Harry his message moved her so much she has cancelled her wedding. After Leonard pays Harry an angry visit at his office, Nan accompanies Harry to hear Shelby sing - and, realizing that he's not committed to her, dumps him again.

Special Guest Stars: Carol Kane sd Shelby, Cristine Rose sd Nan, Kevin Cooney as Leonard Schnell

154 8 "The Tinker Grant" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay December 3, 1994
There's a heat wave on, and the Canal Street Clinic can't afford the $800 air conditioning repair bill, so they apply for a grant from a charitable foundation. Benjamin Withers is sent to evaluate the clinic; when he accidentally leaves his notebook behind, Laverne locks it up, but Maxine reads it over again and is dismayed by the comments. She convinces Harry and Laverne to pretend to be a more regimented workplace; but Withers turns them down for the grant, explaining that he was impressed by their informality but now realizes it was an act for his benefit. Laverne goes to his hotel room to explain, but he already knows - Maxine is there, having confessed. Meanwhile, Charley wants to date a beautiful Italian girl, but her parents won't let her seen anyone who isn't Italian; so he bribes Sophia to teach him how to fake it. Naturally, he succeeds only in mortally offending the parents.

Special Guest Stars: Earl Boen as Benjamin Withers, Vito Scotti as Mr. Tartaglia, Maria Pecci as Anna Maria Tartaglia, Addie Matthews as Mrs. Tartaglia

155 9 "Would You Believe..." Steve Zuckerman Dennis Snee & Paul B. Price December 17, 1994
Harry is strongly attracted to a female minister Charley is dating; Maxine buys Laverne's beloved truck.

Special Guest Stars: Maureen Mueller as Rebecca, Sean Moran as Man

156 10 "Party Cloudy with a Chance of Pain" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Mark Grant December 17, 1994
Maxine gets unwanted attention while dating a weatherman.

Special Guest Stars: Julius Carry as Bo, Cynthia Kamia as Diner #1, Jay Pennick as Doug

157 11 "Single White Male" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Andrew Guerdat January 7, 1995
Charley acquires a new roommate, handsome co-worker Hank, who's just come out of a stormy relationship, and foresees a rosy future ahead living with someone "women swarm to" (including an instantly smitten Carol). But when he accompanies Hank on a night out with his buddies, Charley discovers he was the only one on the ship who didn't know Hank was gay. He is forced to confront his homophobia when the beautiful woman joining them (and an interloping Carol) makes disparaging remarks about "fags". Meanwhile, Harry gets a surprise when Maxine joins his golf group (replacing a fourth who was struck by lightning): her penchant for practical jokes makes her more one of the boys than Harry, who becomes the butt of their slapstick humor

Special Guest Stars: Douglas Sills as Hank, Barry Gordon as Earl, Rebecca Bush as Deborah, Gordon Jump as Bud, David Shaun Michaels as Terry, Lawrence LeJohn as Todd

158 12 "Dear Aunt Martha" Steve Zuckerman Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio January 14, 1995
Carol tries to pick up a man who wrote in to her advice column, but has trouble picking him out of a crowd; Harry's old navy sparring partner "Tornado" Mulvaney shows up with a score to settle.

Special Guest Stars: Pat Harrington sd Mulvaney, D. David Morin as Kevin, Paul B. Price as Artiste, Mike Saccone as John, Andrew Philpot as Ron, Sid Melton as Man

159 13 "Goodbye, Charley" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay January 21, 1995
After a cousin dies suddenly, Charley tries to give his life new meaning - and ends up staging his own funeral.

Special Guest Stars: Steven Gilborn as Funeral Director, William Frankfather as Minister

160 14 "Family Practice" Steve Zuckerman Regina Stewart & Bob Tischler January 28, 1995
Maxine must cares for a Cuban mother's children after she books her for gall bladder surgery; Sophia invites Harry to a square dance at Shady Pines.

Special Guest Stars: Joanna Sanchez as Marta, Sabrina Wiener as Ana, Melissa Simpson as Maria, Melinda Simpson as Celina, Paul Langdon as Armando, Chris Taaffe as Orderly

161 15 "Grandma, What Big Eyes You Have" Steve Zuckerman Dennis Snee & Paul B. Price February 24, 1995
Harry falls head over heels for Gwen, a woman he meets in the park, but an unexpected revelation puts his feet back on the ground when the man he is chatting to turns out to be her husband. Meanwhile, Laverne insists on keepi ng an African grey parrot she found in the office until its owner claims it - over Maxine's objections.

Special Guest Stars: Leigh Taylor-Young as Gwen, Guy Boyd as Al, Caston Holmes as Scotty, Myra Turley as Arlene

162 16 "Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Feelings" Dinah Manoff Susan Harris & David Rosenberg February 25, 1995
Laverne has trouble revealing her true feelings when childhood friend Matt arrives for a visit; meanwhile, Charley leaves little to the imagination when he poses for a nude layout in Beefcake magazine.

Special Guest Stars: Stephen Nichols as Matt, Caroline Aaron as Shannon, Rhonda Aldrich as Patty, Esther Scott as Security Guard, Aaron Heyman as Mr. McCully

 163  17 "And Kevin Makes Three" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Andrew Guerdat March 4, 1995
Carol becomes jealous of her new beau's bonding relationship with her son; Harry and Maxine try to convince Laverne to learn Spanish so she can communicate with Hispanic patients.

Special Guest Stars: Carlos Lacamara as Ernesto, Caston Holmes as Scotty ], John Hamelin as Pakistani Man , Teresa Velarde as Rosa

164 18 "Harry Weston: Man's Best Friend" Steve Zuckerman Steven Sullivan & Ursula Ziegler March 18, 1995
Carol's boss wants a new best friend, and thinks that Harry's perfect for the part; meanwhile, Maxine tries to see the wisdom in helping Laverne get a new job providing a voice for a cartoon character

Special Guest Stars: Todd Susman as Ben Braxton, Fred Sanders as Producer, Brian Posehn as Painted Gut Guy, Jess Harnell as Vince, Pat Musick as Angie, Donna Poterotta as Brandy

165 19 "The Ex-Files" Doug Smart Jack Ameil & Michael Begler March 18, 1995
Jealousy gnaws at Carol after she meets her boyfriend's ex-wife, a beautiful astrophysicist; Charley's appetite for mooching threatens to poison his relationship with Harry when he gets sick from eating Chinese leftovers and sues Harry.

Special Guest Stars: Beau Gravitte as Taggert, Nancy Sorel as Julie, Mike Larson as Pizza Guy, Victor Vitartas as []Repo Man]]

166 20 "Stand By Your Man" Dinah Manoff Susan Harris & Ron Bloomberg March 25, 1995
Constant interruptions frustrate Laverne's budding relationship with a doctor.

Special Guest Stars: Stephen Nichols as Matt, Edie McClurg as Peggy, Vince Grant as Bud, Al Fann as Ned, Sid Melton as Man

167/168 21/22 "Life Goes On: Parts I & II" Susan Harris (Part I)

Steve Zuckerman (Part II)

Peter Gallay, Dennis Snee, Steven Sullivan, Ursula Zeigler & Paul B. Price May 13, 1995
Two-episode, one-hour story. In Part I, averne and the gang go to Hickory for Laverne's wedding, which under the pressure of her mother's plans becomes an elopement, then a double wedding as Carol weds Kevin too. Harry accepts a teaching job in Vermont but can't bring himself to leave - and is comforted by his dead wife Libby's ghost.

In Part II, Laverne and the gang go to Hickory for Laverne's wedding, which under the pressure of her mother's plans becomes an elopement, then a double wedding as Carol weds Kevin too. Harry accepts a teaching job in Vermont but can't bring himself to leave - and is comforted by his dead wife Libby's ghost.

Special Guest Stars: Grace Zabriskie as Scarlett, Stephen Nichols as Matt, Edie McClurg as Peggy (Part I), Vince Grant as Bud (Part I), Al Fann as Ned (Part I), Sid Melteon as Man (Part I), Jim Jaynie as Grit (Part II), Judith-Marie Bergen as Libby (Part II), Ellis Williams as Building Inspector (Part II)

169 23 "My Pal Valy-Val" Dinah Manof Dinah Manoff & Valerie Landsburg June 10, 1995

Harry goes on a survival camping trip to be alone, but is followed by Charley. Desperate Carol tries to find a confidante, but fails until she arrives at a pier where a female psychiatrist is about to commit suicide; Laverne meets a psychic who has opened up shop next door to the clinic and seems amazingly accurate.

Special Guest Stars: Valerie Landsburg as Valerie, Meagen Fay as Bridget, Steve Rankin as Sam

170 24 "Remembrance of Clips Past" Steve Zuckerman Susan Harris & Peter Gallay June 17, 1995

As Laverne prepares to return home to Hickory to get married, she must say goodbye to Harry and the rest of the gang.

Notes: Guests from clips from prior episodes are uncredited in this episode; this episode also marks the final episode of the series.