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End of the Curse
Season # 2, Episode # 1
# overall in series
Episode information
Series: Unknown
Air date September 27, 1986
Network/Country: Unknown
IMDb [1] End of the Curse
IMDb (2nd part) [2] End of the Curse
Production code: Unknown
Written by: Susan Harris
Directed by: Terry Hughes
Episode chronology
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The Way We Met Ladies of the Evening

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Blanche lands a bombshell on the girls revealing to them she is pregnant after taking a home pregnancy test. After this shock, she visits her local doctor who tells her she is not pregnant but entering menopause. Blanche, unlike the other girls, is not thrilled at all of her new change in life.

Guest CastEdit


Rose: (after watching Blanche run into her bedroom) "She's in there!"
Dorothy: "Really, Colombo?!"


Rue McClanahan won an Emmy Award for her performance in this episode.

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