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Not to be confused with Sophia's friend Frida Goodson.

" With my binoculars, I have a terrific view in your bedroom window. I think some of the stuff you do is illegal. I'm looking into it."
-Mrs. Claxton to Blanche Devereaux, insulting her promiscuity

Frieda Claxton is a character in The Golden Girls. She appears in the Season 2 episode of The Golden Girls titled "It's a Miserable Life". The part of Freida is played by veteran character actress Nan Martin, who would later appear as the Petrillo's longtime family friend Philomena Bosco in the Season 3 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Mother's Day".

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Frieda was born on the year of 1903 (according to Dorothy Zbornak, who said that she was 83 at the time of her death). Not much is known about her, but it is known that she never had friends or had any relatives left. Her husband, Mr. Claxton, might have left her, or died. She is a horrible, mean, cantankerous and vile elderly woman who lived in a nearby house on the block in Miami where the women lived. 

1986 Edit

On her property is a 200-year old Oak tree. Her neighbors wanted to save it from being chopped down to make room for a sidewalk. Everyone in the neighborhood, except for Mrs. Claxton formed and signed a petition, but Mrs. Claxton was against it, saying that she hated trees and people and she didn't have a use for them. At the public hearing, she heated up Rose's anger and when the enraged Rose tells her to drop dead, she had a heart attack and she did, in fact, drop dead.

With no friends or family, and a sense of guilt, the girls decided to plan Mrs. Claxton's funeral, and later attended the funeral. Surprisingly, an elderly woman came by, saying that she has been friends with her for over 60 years, and said that she was a generous Saint who supported many charities, anonymously. It turns out that the woman mistook Mrs. Claxton's funeral for another woman's funeral named Celia Rubenstein. Blanche mentions that the funeral isn't for Celia Rubenstein, but for Frieda Claxton, the woman asks if she lived on Richmond Street, then turned and kicked the coffin. When the girls decided to leave, Mr. Pfeiffer (prouncedd "Pu-feiffer. The P is not silent.") came by saying that there was a mix-up in the back and said that Mrs. Claxton was cremated instead, and the girls had to take her urn home.

In the end, Rose decided to scatter her ashes around the old Oak tree (later peed on by a Great Dane), which made the tree a gravesite, meaning it could not be chopped down.

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