Dr. Harry Weston was the central character in the spin-off series Empty Nest which ran from 1988-1995. Harry lives in the same Miami neighborhood as Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. When Empty Nest begins, Harry's wife Libby has just passed away, and his daughters Carol and Barbara move into his house. Harry also has a dog, Dreyfuss. The character was played by Richard Mulligan.

Harry appeared on three episodes of The Golden Girls. In Yokel Hero, shortly after Empty Nest premiered on NBC, Harry stops by the girls' house to drop off their mail. Blanche appeared in the episode of Empty Nest that aired that same night. In Sick and Tired, Part 2, Dorothy visits Harry at the hospital when she continues her search for the cause of her illness. In Not Another Monday, when the girls are babysitting for the weekend, they consult Harry when the child gets sick.

Harry's daughters Carol and Barbara, his nurse Laverne, his neighbor Charley and his dog Dreyfuss also appeared on episodes of The Golden Girls. In one episode of Empty Nest, Barbara dates Dorothy's nephew Jim and their breakup creates friction between Harry and Dorothy (Bea Arthur guest stars).

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