Holly Lindstrom is the youngest child of siblings in Rose's family. Holly was born in Saint Olaf, Minnesota.

1989 Edit

She visits her sister and the ladies in Miami; much to the dismay of Rose. Holly was revealed to live in Minneapolis, and works as a flutist. Rose has always felt that Holly treated her badly. During her visit, Rose starts to think that Holly is trying to steal her friends away by leaving her out of activities with Blanche and Dorothy. Rose later sees Blanche's current boyfriend, Gary Tucker kissing Holly on the sofa.

Rose tries to tell Blanche and Dorothy, but they don't believe her. Later, when Holly comes into the living room in a bathrobe and Dreyfus the dog's lookalike walks into the living room with a pair of pants in his mouth, Blanche thinks Holly has a boyfriend until Gary walks in. Blanche is furious and breaks up with Gary, who is chased out of the house by Dreyfus the dog's lookalike when he tries to take his pants from him.

Rose requests to speak to Holly in the kitchen. She tells Holly she can't figure her out: She's bright, attractive, and successful, but she always acts like such a jackass. Holly tells Rose that she was jealous of her because of her popularity, and she never learned how to make friends. Rose responds that she never learned how to keep friends, because she's selfish. Rose also tells Holly that just because they're sisters doesn't mean they have to be friends, and says goodbye to Holly.


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