Janet is Blanche Devereaux's eldest daughter. She is mentioned throughout the Golden Girls series, and appeared in the episodes Home Again, Rose: Part 1 and Home Again, Rose: Part 2. She is the mother of David, Melissa and Sarah. She is married to Michael (who Blanche refers to as a "the Yankee").

Janet is often mentioned by Blanche (often when she reflects on her children) that she has a troubled relationship with her mother. In the episode On Golden Girls Janet sends David to visit Blanche and the girls because he has become too rebellious. (It is later revealed however that Janet and Michael spend so much time arguing that David often felt neglected, thus causing his outbursts and lack of respect). When it is time for David to return, after questioning whether to call her daughter, Blanche calls Janet and after exchanging pleasantries tells her that since David was so happy living with the with the Girls, that Blanche has decided to keep him and raise him herself. After Janet quickly disagrees, Blanche immediately says: "Don't you take that tone with me, Missy...Yes, I realize you're his mother...Well I suppose I can't stop you if you insist on coming and getting him...But you let me tell you this. If you and Michael don't straighten up and give that boy the love and attention he deserves, I will kick your uppity butt til Hell won't have it again!" It is revealed that Blanche is sincere on her threat and would love to raise David as a way to make up for the messy relationship she has with Janet. After that, Janet has David join her and Michael in Hawaii where they can rebuild their relationship from scratch.

She is mentioned again in the episode Mother's Day while everyone is waiting by the phone for their children to call them, Blanche hopes but does not expect Janet to call her. Just as she is about to leave the room, Janet calls and wishes her mother a happy Mother's Day.

She visits the girls in Home Again, Rose: Part 1 and Home Again, Rose: Part 2, bringing in her youngest daughter Sarah to visit her Grandma Blanche, who has became religious since Rose's surgery. Janet responds to this negatively, as she doesn't believe in organized religion. She is shown to be friends with Rose's daughter Kirsten Adams.