Kirsten Adams is the eldest daughter of Rose Nylund and Charles "Charlie" Nylund, Sr.. She has four siblings: Bridget Nylund, Gunilla Nylund, Adam Nylund and Charles "Charlie" Nylund, Jr. She was played by Christine Belford in season 1 and Lee Garlington in season 7.

1986 Edit

She gets to keep the will when Rose passes away, stated in The Truth Will Out. Kirsten was shocked when she found out her father made very little money, as Rose always told her that he was successful and hardworking. She basically dissed her mother when Rose explains that she lost the money through greedy choices.But they made up at the end of the episode when Rose explains while Charlie was successful as a person she made up the money because she never wanted her children to be disapointed of him. She has one daughter, Charley Adams.

1992 Edit

In the episode Home Again, Rose: Part 2, Rose had to get triple bypass surgery and the girls, being very concerned for Rose, called Kirsten. By the time she got to the hospital, she saw the girls singing a song. She took this the wrong way, thinking the girls did not care for her mother. Until the end of the episode, Kirsten would not let the girls see Rose after her surgery because they were not Rose's family. After surgery, Kirsten learns that Rose may need rehabilitation or therapy that her insurance doesn't cover. Blanche tells Kirsten, "We'll simply see that she gets it--hell, that's why houses have mortgages!" Dorothy reveals the pact that the girls made to take care of each other. Touched by their caring and generosity, Kirsten goes to talk to the doctor to allow the girls to see Rose, saying, "My mother needs to be with her family now...all of her family."

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