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Ladies of the Evening
Season # 2, Episode # 2
# overall in series
Episode information
Series: Unknown
Air date October 4, 1986
Network/Country: Unknown
IMDb [1] Ladies of the Evening
IMDb (2nd part) [2] Ladies of the Evening
Production code: Unknown
Written by: Barry Fanaro
Directed by: Terry Hughes
Episode chronology
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End of the Curse Take Him, He's Mine

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After having the house fumigated, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche take a planned trip to see a Burt Reynolds show in Miami. Sophia, on the other hand, cannot attend. But the girls decide to visit a hotel bar before they go and unbeknownst to them it is place of prostitution. This girls land in jail when the police come to arrest the prostitutes.

Guest CastEdit

  • Burt Reynolds as Himself
  • Rhonda Aldrich as Meg
  • Peter Gonneau as Walter
  • Tony Swartz as John
  • Amelia Kinkade as Hooker # 1
  • Ursaline Bryant as Hooker # 2
  • Peter Jason as Policeman
  • Peter Gonneau as Waiter
  • Phil Rubenstein as Exterminator
  • Rhonda Aldrich as Meg
  • Ron Kapra as Hotel Manager
  • Ron Michaelso as Carl
  • Suanne Spoke as Girl in lobby


Exterminator: You have silverfish and waterbugs in the drainage areas, and under the baseboards structure, you have blateria andropoulous.
Dorothy: Did you hear that Rose? The President of Greece lives under our baseboards.
Exterminator: Blateria andropoulous is a cockroach.
Rose: Maybe he'll be voted out next election.

Dorothy, Rose and Blanche have just been chatted up by two men who have mistaken them for prostitutes.

Dorothy: 'Girls who will take their money?' Do you know what he thinks we are?

Rose: Waitresses?

Dorothy: No, Rose! Hookers!

Rose: It's always a man with you, isn't it Blanche? Men and sex, sex and men!

Prostitute: Hey! There's nothing wrong with being career-oriented!

Rose: (to Blanche) It's your overactive sex drive that got us this mess! Who picks a hotel because of all the men in the lobby?

The prostitutes all raise their hands.

Dorothy: Hey... you wanna fight with somebody, you fight with me. I did time in Attica.
Prostitute in Jail: Attica's a *men's* prison!
Dorothy: I know. I was there a year before they found out.
Prostitute in Jail: [backing down] Sorry, chief. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.
Blanche: Dorothy, that was amazing, how did you do that?
Dorothy: I taught in the public school system. It's really not that different.

Dorothy: (after Sophia arrives at the jail) Ma, thank God you're here!
Sophia: Arrested for prostitution, I can't believe it!
Blanche: Sophia, we're innocent!
Sophia: I know that! I can't believe these dumb cops would think anybody would pay money to sleep with you!

Blanche: My God, you're Mr. Burt Reynolds!
Burt Reynolds: I hope so, or else I have the wrong underwear on.


Golden Girls The Complete Collection (2010) - Clip Working Girls(00:50)
Bar patrons mistake the girls for prostitutes
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