FANDOM should see me drive.
— Lily's last line.

Lily Lindstrom is the sister of Holly, Michael and six others (as well as the adoptive sister of Rose Nylund). About six months prior to her appearance, Lily went blind.

1986 Edit

Lily only appears in one episode, "Blind Ambition," where she attempted to convince Rose to move in with her in Chicago. Sophia convinces Rose to help Lily live on her own.

She is a very good person, and is capable of doing things on her own. Lily always looked after Rose when they were children, and seems to tease her gently. Lily set the record in St. Olaf as setting the 100-meter dash, which according to Rose, still stands. Lily also has a pilot's license, and was the first woman in St. Olaf to have ever done so.

Eventually, Lily took Rose's advice and returned to a school for a blind (which she had left behind earlier, not finding it to her liking), and got herself a seeing-eye dog named Becky. Thanks to Becky, Lily learned to use her different senses to know where everything is.

At the end of the episode Rose visits Lily in Chicago, only to find her at the airport. Lily tells Rose to watch out for the wad of gum on the 41st step, which shows how much progress Lily has made.

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