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...does this mean that I can start calling you Grandma again?
— Melissa, asking Blanche in the episode "Beauty and the Beast"

Melissa Devereaux Blackmore is a character who makes a guest appearance in The Golden Girls. Melissa, who is the granddaughter of Blanche Devereaux, was played in the episode "Beauty and the Beast" in Season 7 by then-child actress Alisan Porter.

Grandma Blanche and Melissa

Little Melissa with Grandma Blanche in the episode "Beauty and the Beast" in Season 7.

About MelissaEdit

Melissa is the daughter of Janet Devereaux Blackmore, Blanche's daughter, and her husband Michael, whom Blanche derisively refers to as "The Yankee". In the "Beauty and the Beast" in Season 3, episode Blanche pushes Melissa into a beauty pageant she doesn't want to participate in. Melissa is made to rehearse a song that grandma Blanche wants her to sing in the pageant. The two mend fences after competing in the pageant, with Blanche admitting to Melissa about her mistakes in establishing a relationship with her Melissa's mother Janet when she was her age. After the two embrace, in a funny scene, Melissa asks Blanche "Does this means that I can start calling you Grandma again!" Blanche responds "Yes, but not around the others!"

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