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  • It states on the Golden Girls Character page, "...and some characters such as Rose's late husband Charlie and Blanche's late husband George never actually appeared in screen but were mentioned frequently and even figured prominently in storylines."

    George Devereaux actually did appear.  Episode 137, which aired Nov 17, 1990, finally showed viewers what George Devereaux looked like, how He spoke, and acted.  George Grizzard portrayed Him.

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  • Just wanted to check up, the site is looking excellent. I hope you have a good day, my friend.

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  • I have neglected the site for a while, don't want to let you be here by yourself Bert, have a great day.

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    • I never ignore my studies, but I do like to spend time in the library. I will tell you now that we have finally saved enough money, and I just found this out, but I am finally be able to get internet at home, on the 9th. About editing, I have looked at almost all the articles I can, and everything is right. But if something is wrong or vandalized, you can count on me to take care of it.

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    • That all sounds great, thanks!

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  • Guess you can kinda figure out what I want, but is there anybodyelse on this website? It gets mighty lonely with only a few people and dormant user pages.

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    • There's lots of viewers/readers, between 800-1000 every day.  But not very many contributors, and many contributors are not registered users (that's no problem, but they just don't have user pages).  I was hoping that since the show is on TV Land now, there might be more interest and more editing.

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    • I'm happy too be able to see that there are more people than I thought on this wiki. With it on TV Land, it may bring more users. Have a great day, it is time for me to go.

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  • I absolutely adore this show, and when I realized there was a golden girl's wiki, I was estatic! I will do every thing I can to help, although it is more of a learning experience for me, too. Have an excellent day. (I am also 15, and my account picture from one wiki follows me everywhere, so I think I should change it. Please feel free to leave your opinion on changing my account picture.)

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    • Great to have you here!  And I mean both on this wiki and on Wikia. Yes, your avatar image does follow you to every wiki. So sometimes it can be good to choose an image that's more about you and your personality, rather than something from a specific game, movie, TV show, etc. But lots of people do that too, it's really up to you. Remember that it will become a big part of how others remember you after interacting. Let me know if you have any questions about working on this wiki, or doing things on Wikia.

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    • Thank you for the opinion, and information, I think I will change it to something a little more generic. Have a great day! I wish I could change my name, my real name is Beau, I didn't realize that My videogaming avatar would follow me, I thought each wiki had to have a seperate account.

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    • Your new avatar is very nice!

      You can request a rename of your account, but you can only do this one time.  The rename can be requested at

      Personally I don't think Mr. Black Ops13 is a bad name, it's kind of mysterious.  It's up to you of course!

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    • I chose it because the first Wiki I went to was all about Call Of Duty World At War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. So I chose that name without knowing what entailed. Thank you for thinking it is alright. The 13 is for the year. I like the cherry blossom bridge too, I think it is nicer than the album cover I had.

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