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Rebecca Jean Devereaux is the daughter of Blanche Devereaux. She first appears in the Season 3 episode of the The Golden Girls titled "Blanche's Little Girl". The part of Rebecca is played by actress Shawn Schepps. 

About RebeccaEdit

Rebecca is a model who works all over the world and attended the University of France to pursue her career. Blanche hadn't seen her daughter in 4 years and upon seeing her, she is surprised to see her daughter had gained so much weight. She was engaged to a man named Jeremy who consistently mocked her for being overweight. Blanche had a talk with Rebecca and encouraged her to call off the engagement but an angry Rebecca doesn't listen however and leaves her mother's home. She soon realizes her mom was right though and returns to tell Blanche she has dumped her fiance.

In a later season, a slimmed down Rebecca tells her mother that she is getting artificially inseminated, which leads them to into another fight. Blanche doesn't approve of Rebecca having a child out of wedlock but Blanche later realizes that she was wrong and stands by Rebecca's side. Rebecca later gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Aurora Devereaux.

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