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Shady Pines Retirement Home: Senior Living At Its Finest

Shady Pines was a retirement home in Miami, Florida.

After Sophia Petrillo's stroke that very badly damaged the part of her brain that censored her thoughts, her daughter, Dorothy Zbornak placed her in Shady Pines. Sophia detested it, claiming that they were cruel there, but it is eventually revealed that the facility was a satisfactory place that Sophia just didn't care for.

In September 1985, Shady Pines burned down after a heater fire, causing Sophia to move in with Dorothy, Blanche Devereaux, and Rose Nylund. After a short time, Shady Pines was reconstructed, with Sophia not returning, however she did keep in contract with her friends and entered the talent show in one episode.

It was later claimed by another former resident on her deathbed that Sophia had started the fire, and she was arrested for arson. Sophia was later released when Rose found evidence that faulty wiring had caused the fire, and the owners of the facility had bribed the fire inspector to falsify his report.

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