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Sick and Tired (Parts I & II)

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"Sick and Tired (Part One)"
Season # 5, Episode # 1
# overall in series
Episode information
Series: The Golden Girls
Air date September 23, 1989
Network/Country: NBC-TV/United States
IMDb [1] Sick and Tired (Part One)
IMDb (2nd part) [2] Sick and Tired (Part One)
Production code: 5.1
Written by: Susan Harris
Directed by: Terry Hughes
Episode chronology
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We're Outta Here (Parts I & II) The Accurate Conception

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Dorothy is feeling extremely overtired. She is sure she is ill, but all of the doctors she visits tell her she's fine and that the problem is mental. Meanwhile, Blanche Elizabeth Marie Devereaux decides to write a romance novel.

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