Son-in-law Dearest was the 21st episode of Season 2 of The Golden Girls, also the 46th overall episode of the series. Directed by Terry Hughes and written by Pat Shea and Harriet Weiss, it premiered on NBC-TV, originally airing on April 11, 1987.


Dorothy's daughter, Kate, arrives with shocking news, which the ladies initially get a false first impression over.Herb Edelman makes another guest appearance as Stan Zbornak.


Dorothy's daughter Kate visits with the news that her husband has cheated on her and she is leaving him.

Guest Stars Edit

Scene excerpts Edit

Quotes from scenes

  • Blanche: Lucy played Lucy.
  • Rose:: Then who did Desi play?
  • Blanche:: Desi played Ricky.
  • Rose: Why didn't Desi play Desi?
  • Blanche: Because he wasn't tall enough.
  • Rose:[Regarding 'I Love Lucy', as Dorothy kicks Blanche and Rose out the living room] What about Lucy?
  • Blanche:We can watch it on the portable in the kitchen.
  • Rose: But that sets in black and white!

  • Dennis:: Mother Dorothy...
  • Dorothy:: Don't call me Mother Dorothy, I hate it when you call me Mother Dorothy - I feel like I should be handing out rice on the streets of Calcutta.

  • Sophia: [Dorothy's son-in-law has been unfaithful, and Dorothy's daughter Kate wants to take him back] I'm telling you Dorothy, this isn't your business. Just stay out of it!
  • Dorothy: I can't just stay out of it, Ma!
  • Sophia: Then you'll lose Kate, and someday Stan's going to call you up and tell you you've got a grandchild you're never gonna see.

  • Sophia: I never liked that show. Every episode it was the same thing, 'Ricky, why can't I be in the show?' 'Ricky, why can't I be in the show?' Why couldn't she be in the show? Her performances at home were a right, his acts at the club stank. What's so entertaining about a Cuban beating a drum?

  • Rose: Do you want to watch I Like Lucy with us?
  • Blanche: I Love Lucy.
  • Rose: I haven't seen it yet so I don't know how I feel about it.

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