Picture it...
— Sophia's catchphrase.

Sophia Petrillo, legally Sophia Weinstock (née Grisanti) is a fictional character from the TV series, The Golden Girls, and its spin-offs The Golden Palace and Empty Nest. She was portrayed by Estelle Getty.

Early HistoryEdit

Sophia was born on April 17, 1906 in Sicily to Don Angelo Grisanti and Eleanor Grisanti with her brothers, Angelo Grisanti and Vito Grisanti, and her sisters, Angela Vecchio and Regina Grisanti. It is revealed that her 50th birthday was in April 1956 in one episode (however, in the first episode of The Golden Palace (1992) it was revealed that Sophia was 87, though in several episodes, she is revealed to be between the ages of 80 and 85). While in Sicily, as a teenager she was briefly engaged to a young man from her village, Augustine Bagatelli. Later, she became engaged to Giuseppe Mangiacavallo, who jilted her at the altar. She moved to New York after she annulled her arranged first marriage to Guido Spirelli when she was fourteen. She has no accent left to show that she grew up speaking the Sicilian language. Instead, she sports a thick Brooklyn accent with a fast speaking pace, which often contributed to the humor in her one-liners. Then she married Salvadore "Sal" Petrillo (played by Sid Melton) (although in one episode she states she met him when she bargained with someone in a dark alley in Sicily, and another episode she says she won him in a contest when she stood on a rock so they were the same height in Sicily), and had three children with him: Dorothy Zbornak, a divorced substitute teacher; Phil Petrillo, (an unseen character) a cross-dressing welder with a wife named Angela Petrillo and several children in a trailer park in Newark, New Jersey who later died during the series; and Gloria (played by Doris Belack and Dena Dietrich), who lived in California and married into a wealthy family but later lost the fortune that her husband had left her in an investment scam.

Gallery Edit

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