That Was No Lady was the 14th episode of Season 1 of The Golden Girls TV series, also the 14th overall series episode. Directed by Jim Drake and written by Liz Sage and series co-executive producer Susan Harris, it originally aired on NBC-TV on December 21, 1985.


Dorothy embarks on a fresh new relationship. This particular relationship goes for the worse when her new boyfriend turns out to be married. And Sophia learns that Dorothy is not dumping him but seeing this man secretly.

Plot Edit

Dorothy starts dating a Gym teacher called Glen O'Brien and the girls can see she clearly loves him. However after making love, Glen reveals he's married but he can't bring himself to end it and so Dorothy leaves him.

The next day, Rose who is trying Blanche's old car before buying it reveals that it's making a odd noise but Blanche convinces Rose nothing is wrong. While Dorothy is still upset over Glen's betrayal when the girls leave the room she arranges a date secretly.

That night Dorothy confesses it to Rose and Blanche, while Rose is judgemental, Blanche admits that she has never had a affair with a married man as she realized it was a waste of time as she wants a man's attention full time. Sophia overhears that Dorothy is back with Glen and is angry.

The next evening Blanche tells Rose she lied about the car's condition, but she needed to sell it to get her new car, Rose reveals that the car has been stolen which works in Blanche's favour as the insurance will be enough for Blanche's new car. Dorothy asks Sophia where her shoes are, but Sophia warns her that she is hurting herself as she is yet to realize this.

That night Dorothy tells Glen that she is breaking with him for good as she realizes that only Glen was getting something out of the relationship, but she knows she can't stay the other woman, she says her farewell and returns home. Sophia admits she wasn't disappointed but she didn't want to waste her time with something that was painful to her. Blanche and Rose reveals Blanche got her car and they plan to take a drive, while Dorothy convinces them not to go anywhere tonight they change their mind and enjoy themselves

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Dorothy: Hi, Ma.
Sophia Petrillo: So you've started up with your married man again.
Dorothy: How did you know?
Sophia Petrillo: I'm The Amazing Kreskin! I was listening outside the door.
Dorothy: Oh Ma.
Sophia Petrillo: Oh - I can't put my ear to the door but you can put your ...
Dorothy: Ma!