The Chicken and the Egg is the 24th and final episode of The Golden Palace. It first aired on May 14,1993. 

"The Chicken and the Egg"
Season # 1, Episode # 24
# overall in series
Episode information
Series: Unknown
Air date May 14,1993
Network/Country: Unknown
IMDb [1] The Chicken and the Egg
IMDb (2nd part) [2] The Chicken and the Egg
Production code: Unknown
Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz
Directed by: Lex Passaris
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
Sex, Lies and Tortillas None

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Blanche calls upon her daughter Rebecca for an egg cell after agreeing to have her beau's children, then she has a dream that she, Rose, Sophia, Roland and Chuy are pregnant. This was the last episode. The show was cancelled before the second season was planned to be produced. 


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