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There Goes the Bride (Parts I & II)
Season # 6, Episode # 16/17
#144/145 overall in series
Episode information
Series: Unknown
Air date February 2, 1991
Network/Country: NBC-TV/U.S.
IMDb [1] There Goes the Bride (Parts I & II)
IMDb (2nd part) [2] There Goes the Bride (Parts I & II)
Production code: 6.16/6.17
Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz (teleplay)
Gail Parent & Jim Vallely )story)
Part II: Gail Parent & Jim Vallely
Directed by: Matthew Diamond (both Parts I & II)
Episode chronology
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Miles to Go Older and Wiser

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In Part one of a two-episode story, Dorothy has been sneaking around so that Sophia doesn't discover that she's been dating Stan. However, when Stan proposes, Dorothy must reveal the truth to Sophia. Meanwhile, Rose goes out to dinner with Ray, a friend of Miles, who's ex-wife Myra begins stalking Rose. In Part two, Sophia, Totally against Dorothy and Stan's impending nuptials, vows not to let the ceremony come off; Blanche interviews a potential roommate (Debbie Reynolds).

Guest cast and notesEdit

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