Thor Anderson was a character who appeared in the Season 7 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Old Boyfriends". The part of Thor is played by veteran comedian/entertainer and actor Ken Berry, who's perhaps best known for his role as Vinton Harper in the long-running spinoff series of The Carol Burnett Show, NBC-TV/syndicated series Mama's Family.

About ThorEdit

In the "Old Boyfriends" episode, Rose can't remember old acquaintance Thor, who hails from her hometown St. Olaf, MN, when he comes to Miami to visit. Thor admits that he used to have a big crush on her. When she finally does remember, Rose says that he wasn't a very good kisser; when he gives her a kiss, it comes back to her as she remembers that she had a crush one of his friends. Anyhow, somehow Rose manages to let the persistent Thor, who tries to vie for her affections, down easily, before he leaves town.

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