Vincenzo was a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Rose's Big Adventure". The part of Vincenzo is played in the episode by Vito Scotti.

About VincenzoEdit

One of Italy's foremost architects 30 years earlier, as Sophia described Vincenzo, he resides at the nearby seniors center, Sophia describes him to the other women as now being "a shell of a man, who now spends time just looking up women's dresses!" Sophia introduces Vincenzo to the women, with the purpose of the girls hiring him to instruct them as they begin work on remodeling their garage into a guest room; when asked by Dorothy as to how much he would charge, he answers back in Italian that he'd do it for nothing, in that he's glad just to get out of the seniors center, and glad to have the work; and he'd love to do it also just to have a chance to do it in the company of some pretty young girls, then he also hands Sophia a list of the "young girls" to do the work with!

As the women begin women get set to begin work on the garage later in the week, Vincenzo tells Sophia to tell the girls that he is boss, the master, and everything he suggests them to do, they are to do; but, beforehand, he wishes to inspect they "the workers", as Sophia wheels him across the gargage as he inspects them, he, being somewhat of a dirty old man, pinches Blanche's rear; as he wears a mischievous smile on his face, when Blanche tells Sophia, she anwers "It's a reflex, he's Italian!"

When Vincenzo, as he tells Sophia, that he would bring in his own crew of workers to finish the remodeling job on the garage at no extra charge, the girls all ask Sophia why would he do that, Sophia answers them "Because he's senile as a doorknob and stop asking questions!"

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