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Vito Grisanti
Vito Grisanti
Character details:
Series appeared on:
First appearance Mentioned Only
Last appearance Mentioned Only
Gender: Male
Related to: Eleanor Grisanti (Mother; deceased)
Don Angelo Grisanti, Sr. (Father; deceased)
Aunt Renata (Aunt)
Aunt Teresa (Aunt)
Uncle Nunzio (Uncle)
Uncle Mario (Uncle)
Sophia Grisanti-Spirelli-Petrillo-Weinstock (Sister)
Salvadore "Sal" Petrillo (Brother-in-law; deceased)
Dorothy Zbornak-Hollingsworth (Niece)
Stanley "Stan" Zbornak (Nephew-in-law)
Michael Zbornak (Great-nephew)
Lorraine Wagner-Zbornak (Great-niece-in-law)
Robbie Zbornak (Great-great-nephew)
Phillip "Phil" Petrillo (Nephew; deceased)
Angela Petrillo (Niece-in-law)
Jim Petrillo (Great-nephew)
Harvey Petrillo (Great-nephew)
Gloria O'Connor-Petrillo (Niece)
Mr. O'Connor (Nephew-in-law)
Katherine O'Connor (Great-niece)
Episodes appeared in: Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

Vito Grisanti was the brother of Sophia Grisanti-Spirelli-Petrillo-Weinstock, Angelo Grisanti, Jr., Regina Grisanti and Angela Rachel Vecchio.

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